12th Convention of the International Confederation of Principals

3-6 August 2015 - Helsinki, Finland

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Instructions for Exhibitors at the ICP 2015

We kindly invite your company to take part in the 12th World Convention of ICP, The International Confederation of Principals. We are expecting more than 1000 attendees from all parts of the world.

Please find details of Exhibition below and more details on the Sponsorship opportunities on the left (subpage).


Finlandia Hall
Mannerheimintie 13
00100 Helsinki, Finland



Location of the Exhibition

The exhibition area is located in “Piazza”, on the second floor of Finlandia Hall. Piazza is a spacious lobby area adjacent to the main lecture halls that will be used by the ICP2015 Convention. Please see the enclosed floor plan of the exhibition.

The Welcome Reception on Monday evening will take place in the exhibition area. Also, all convention catering i.e. coffee/tea and lunch will be served in the exhibition areas during the convention breaks.



Exhibition opening hours

The exhibition is open during the convention as follows:

Monday, August 3rd, 2015 at 15.00–20.00

The programme on Monday is as follows:

14.00-15.00 Opening Ceremony (Finlandia Hall)
15.00-16.00 Coffee break (Piazza)
16.00-17.30 Keynote speaker André Nöel Chaker, The Finnish Miracle (Finlandia Hall)
17.30-20.00 Welcome Reception (Piazza)

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 at 08.30-17.00

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015 at 08.30-16.30

Thursday, August 6th, 2015 at 08.30-14.30



Exhibition Companies


Stand set-up and dismantling

The exhibition area and the stands are open for set-up on Monday, August 3rd as follows:

07.00-13.00 Set-up for WS-Expogroup Oy LTD and exhibitors or constructors with their own stand elements
13.00-15.00 Set-up for companies with pre-ordered WS Expo Ltd stand elements 

In order to avoid logistical problems, all constructors are advised to contact the representative of the ICP2015 official constructor, WS-Expogroup Oy LTD to settle the exact set-up time of their respective stands. 

WS-Expogroup Oy LTD

Mr. Andreas Franzen
telephone: +358 41 537 0102


Kindly notice that the exhibition area should be ready and final installation completed latest by 15.00 on Monday August 3rd before the coffee break in the exhibition area will begin. The exhibition dismantling may begin on Thursday, August 6th at 14.30 and the stands should be completely cleared by 18.00.


The exhibitor is responsible for the installation and dismantling of his own stand materials.


PLEASE NOTE: Stand set-up and dismantling is free of charge during the times specified above. In case you feel this time is not enough to build up or dismantle your stand, please contact the WS Expogroup Oy Ltd. to find out the expense of additional setup hours. The Convention Organizer is not responsible for the payment of these additional hours.



Exhibition stand fees 

The main stand sizes are:

4 m2 - 1300€ (incl. 1 exhibitor badge)
6 m2 - 1800€ (incl. 1 exhibitor badge)
12 m2 - 3700€ (incl. 3 exhibitor badges)

Additional sizes can be enquired and they will be accommodated, if possible. Additional square meters can be enquired but can be guaranteed only if the location of the stand allows it. Please see more on the floorplan.

The price for additional square meters is 250€/m2.

The stand fees include:

- The floor space during exhibition times
- Electricity (1 plug: 7A, 230V)
- 1 exhibitor badge per 4m2 including convention lectures, Welcome Reception, all coffee and lunch catering.
- The fee for additional exhibitor badge is 250€/person including the Welcome Reception and all coffee and lunch catering. The convention lectures are not included in this registration category.



Making a reservation

In order to book a stand the exhibitor is requested to complete the on-line reservation form and indicate the preferred stand number/s on the form. All reservations will be handled on a “first come – first served basis”.

The organizing committee reserves the right to rearrange the exhibition if necessary and takes no responsibility for any inconvenience which this may cause.

After the booking has been made, the official exhibition constructor will contact you with additional practical information regarding the venue and the set-up of the exhibition stand. You will receive an Exhibitors’ Package with all relevant booking forms for ordering additional electricity, furniture, decoration or stand elements.

The exhibitors are advised to submit exhibition layout drawings or plans about the use of the exhibition space for approval and possible consultation to WS-Expogroup Oy LTD latest in July 20, 2015.

If you have any questions concerning the forms kindly contact: icp2015@confedent.fi





Rental of Additional Exhibition Furniture, Electricity and Decorations

The price of the stand includes floor space and electricity (1 plug: 7A, 230V) only.

All additional electricity are to be ordered separately using the form included in the Exhibitors’ Package.

All additional furniture and extra decorations are to be ordered separately from the exhibitor constructor of your choice or from the official IPC2015 exhibition contractor, WS-Expogroup Oy LTD , using the form included in the Exhibitors’ Package.



Stand constructions

If you are interested in ordering customized stand constructions (please see suggestions beside), facia with your company logo or other structures, please contact the ICP2015 official constructor for a quote:

WS-Expogroup Oy LTD

Mr. Andreas Franzen
telephone: +358-41-5370102

Exhibitors are also free to bring additional decoration materials and booth furniture themselves.




Finlandia Hall does not have the facilities for preparing or storing exhibition structures and items. Thus all exhibition materials may be delivered to Finlandia Hall only when the construction of the exhibition begins. If the materials are delivered to Finlandia Hall beforehand a proper storage space for the materials must be rented from Finlandia Hall. In this case, please contact WS-Expogroup Oy LTD.



4 m2
6 m2
12 m2

Exhibition Invoicing and Cancellation policy

The exhibition stand will be invoiced/charged in full upon reservation.

All cancellations must be made in writing to Confedent International at icp2015@confedent.fi
Any possible refunds will be made after the event at the exchange rate of the refund date.
The Organizers or the ICP2015 secretariat cannot be held responsible for any loss caused by alterations in exchange rates.

If cancellation of the stand reservation is received by or on March 31st, 2015, 50% of the total stand fee will be refunded.

If cancellation of the reservation is received after March 31st, 2015, the stand will be charged in full and there will be no refund. There will be no refund for no-shows.



Stand personnel & name badges

During the convention days stand personnel must wear ICP2015 name badges which are to be obtained on-site from the convention registration desk. All representatives manning the stand are required to register for the convention in advance by filling in the registration form on the convention web site http://www.icp2015.fi




The convention organizers have reserved room blocks from the hotels near the convention venue for convention delegates and exhibitors. Please refer to the Accommodation Information page on the convention website for more details. Kindly make the room reservation using the registration form or contact the local convention secretariat Confedent International Ltd for room reservation.

E-mail: icp2015@confedent.fi



Restaurant services in Finlandia Hall

Finlandia Hall’s restaurant services are provided exclusively by Finlandia Restaurant / Kanresta Oy.

Catering for exhibition stands can be ordered from the Finlandia Restaurant Sales Office, tel. +358 9 4024 500 or ravintola@finlandiatalo.fi



Security & Insurance

The insurance policies held by Finlandia Hall cover any damage caused to a third part by the actions of Finlandia Halls own employees or by any Finlandia Hall devices or buildings.

The convention organizers cannot accept liability for personal injuries sustained, for loss of, or damage to property belonging to convention participants (or their accompanying persons), either during or as a result of the convention. Please check the validity of your own and company insurance.

The exhibitor must take out any liability and goods insurance he sees necessary at his own expense. Finlandia Hall will not assume any responsibility for property stored or left on the premises unless a separate security agreement has been made with Finlandia Hall.

There is a property security when Finlandia Hall is closed. An exhibition security can be agreed on with an additional cost. Exhibition security must be ordered at least 21 days prior to the exhibition.



Additional information

Additional information concerning the exhibition can be obtained from the local convention secretariat:

Korkeavuorenkatu 30, 00130 Helsinki
tel. +358 9 5840 9350

E-mail: icp2015@confedent.fi