Instructions for presenters

You can use either your own laptop/tablet/etc or use our computer for presentation.


If you use your own computer:

1. Make sure that your computer has a standard VGA, HDMI or mini-DisplayPort output.

2. Make sure that it supports external screen resolution of 1600x900.

3. If you want to present audio, make sure your computer has 3.5 mm audio jack output.


If you want to use our computer:

1. On the presentation computer we have Microsoft Office 2013, Libre Office, and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Make sure that your presentation can be run with one of these.

2. If you want to use video, try using widely supported formats (for example, H264/MPEG is a good combination).

3. We strongly recommend that you send your presentation to us in advance (for example, 2 weeks before the event), so that we can make sure that it runs smoothly. You can send it to andrey {dot} zhdanov {at} aalto {dot} fi.


At the conference site we will have a speaker readiness station. We encourage all the speakers to come to the station before their talk to verify that their presentations are working properly.