Welcome to the 3rd Musicians´ Health and Performance Conference in Helsinki June 14-16, 2018

On behalf of the organizing committee of the Conference and the Finnish Musicians´ Medicine Association we welcome you to join us in beautiful Finland and Helsinki.

After the first two pioneering conferences in Piteå, Sweden in 2013 and Odense, Denmark 2015 we have the pleasure of continuing this important tradition. In Finland we have a strong tradition in Musicians´ Medicine. The Finnish Musicians´ Medicine Association, founded in the year 2000, has over 300 members including doctors, nurses, physioterapists, musicians and students.

In Finland we have just celebrated a100 years of independence and we welcome you to share with us the lively and rich cultural life of our young and proud country. The metropolitan atmosphere of Helsinki on the coast of the Baltic sea is full of fresh air, interesting design, architecture, art, restaurants and saunas.

The topic of our conference is The Lifespan of the Musician. We begin by exploring the genes of musicality, continue with children in early music pedagogy and young musicians in their studies, followed by the themes of musicians in their active professional careers and how to grow old as a musician.

We welcome all musicians, professionals in music administration, health care professionals, students and researchers interested in health of the musician to the Musicians´ Health and Performance Conference in Helsinki!


Miikka Peltomaa, MD, PhD

Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

Special Competence in Musicians´ Medicine

President of the Conference


Katarina Porander, Musicians´ Physiotherapist

General Secretary of the Conference


The Helsinki Conservatory of Music